Brand New Information Proves…

"How a New Jersey Truck Driver Earns $130,267.33 A Year Online Without
Any Products to Sell…"

You don't have to be a genius.

Frank Garon standing outside the truck he used to drive for $14.25 an hour...

You don't even need a product.

The beauty of the Internet is any "Average Joe" can succeed…even if all you've ever done is deliver pizzas for a living…or drive a truck for $14.25 an hour.

High Paid CEOs with 12 years of education can't seem to figure out how to create successful Internet business models. BUT tiny little one person at-home operations are quieting building incomes of 6 figures a year or more. No fanfare. No venture capital investors. No ad budget.

Frank Garon is one of these. He earned $130,267.33 online last year…working at home on a computer he didn't even own…without any of his own products.

He has learned the ultimate skill…

How to Make a Good Income Anywhere, Anytime
By Simply Promoting Free Affiliate Programs

The Internet doesn't require you to have your own product. There are tens of thousands of companies out there with products to sell…and they need you to do it for them.

These companies will provide you with web pages, ad copy, banners, ads, and more…everything you need to succeed in your own business. The majority of them are completely Free to join.

Frank signed up for over two dozen of these companies and now receives 27 different checks totaling over $11,500 a month…all from home…without any of his own products.

He didn't do anything that anyone else can't do.

  • He didn't become a high class professional copywriter.
  • He didn't develop any products.
  • He didn't write an ebook.
  • He didn't become an expert on the search engines.

He isn't anything special.

That's what's so incredibly exciting about this. If Frank can do it, you can do it too. He's not one ounce smarter than you…although he's producing 100 times the results.

All Frank did was develop a simple system for promoting any product, service or business online.

The Costly Truth About Affiliate Programs

Don't get me wrong. You can't just sign up in a free affiliate program and follow the instructions they hand you. You might as well find a fireplace to burn your money in. At least then it could keep you warm for a few seconds.

Most affiliate program owners don't have your best interests at heart. Sure, they want you to make sales so they make more money…But the roadmap they hand you is designed to build their name, their reputation, and their sales.

After 12 months of promoting one of them, guess who gets all the glory…and the future sales. That's right. It's not a pretty picture. They get hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits automatically…and you have to keep working your butt off for peanuts.

Frank's system works differently. He is building his name, reputation, and brand online. He sells multiple products from many different affiliate programs. His income is increasing every single month.

I've known Frank for several years now…and he has been my top affiliate for a majority of that time. So one day I gave him a call and asked him if he could reveal all his secrets to my audience.

Would he be willing to lay it all on the line…and reveal to 30 people exactly what he does everyday that earns him $130,267.33 year...while the majority of affiliates will never get a check for a hundred measly bucks?

He agreed…and those 30 people were in for the experience of their lifetime, because…

The Easiest Way in the World to Succeed at Anything is to
Model Someone Who Is Already Successful

Forget reinventing the wheel. It takes too much time…and wastes too much money.

We setup an eight hour teleseminar where Frank and I could reveal everything ordinary people needed to know to succeed online. We would instruct them in exactly what to do and then they could ask any and every question they had about marketing online.

Believe me, they asked everything you could imagine…and a few questions Frank and I wish they hadn't.

There were brand new beginners on the call…and people who own web sites earning millions. All of them were brainstorming together along with us on how any ordinary person can start today…and earn an income for the rest of their lives.
This was a one-time event and we called it, "Instant Internet Income Streams for Ordinary People."

Hi Frank,
 I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the opportunity to be on your teleseminar calls. I
have always admired your tell it like it is style. Couple that with Terry Dean and his experience and reputation online, and I knew that these calls would be something special!
I was indeed correct! The one thing I was semi-concerned about...which is whether or not these
seminars would be of use to someone like myself who has been around the internet marketing 'block' a time or three. 
Well those concerns were alleviated the FIRST NIGHT!! You definitely OVER-DELIVERED my friend! It was VERY refreshing to FINALLY see and hear people actually giving tried and true methods of their success! And in a very down to earth easy to understand manner! 

While there were some things I had already been practicing, there was a TON of very useful info that I hadn't implemented yet! It seems that you have managed to capture something for EVERYONE in these seminars...from newbie to seasoned veteran!


The one condition was…

Only 30 People Could Attend

We only allowed the event to take place with a maximum of 30 participants. That's it.

I'm sure we could have easily sold 100 teleseminar lines if we wanted to. My last offer to my list pulled in 324 orders within 24 hours.

BUT...I wanted this to be an intimate gathering where we could really relax, answer questions, and provide individual help to participants. If there were too many people there, we couldn't relax and openly answer all the questions we received.

Unfortunately, this meant that not everyone who needed this kind of experience could attend. The limited number of lines sold out almost immediately.

If you're one of the ones who missed out on this once in a lifetime experience, along with confidential advice to all 30 attendees…you're in luck.

Every single minute of the teleseminar calls was professionally recorded onto 8 sixty-minute audio tapes which you can listen to in your car, while you exercise, or simply while you kick your feet back and relax.

We moved very quickly during the presentations…so we prepared one more tool for our attendees. We had a transcriber duplicate every word spoken into a 125 page manual which you can keep next to you and refer back to again and again.

"Thank you, Frank and Terry! Your Private Internet Seminar was Bad To The Bone! I thought I had heard it all...Not so. First you covered the Internet Basics for the Newbies. Then you taught the old dogs some new tricks! Super Job!

I increased the size of my online newsletter by 13% in just a few days using just one of the methods you talked about. Thank You! I have a confession to make though. You gave me so many good ideas and tips that I couldn't keep up. So Hurry with those tapes you made! I'm losing money..."

Edward Thorpe/Laziest Dude on The Internet -

We'll talk more about this later, but let's look at…

A Few of The Things Which Were Revealed…

  • The Perfect Frequency for sending out opt-in email offers…and how to know when you're sending too many (and why most people don't send enough).
  • How to create an ezine in 10 to 20 minutes…anytime you want…as often as you want to produce Internet Money-On-Demand.
  • Complete Fill-In-The-Blank Templates for creating your own opt-in email offers…You get to use the exact ones Frank Garon uses to create your six figure online income
  • 7 Techniques for Building Large Opt-In Lists Quickly…and How to Do It Completely for Free if You Want.
  • How to Build an Ezine to 5,000 Subscribers in 30 Days or Less by Using Every Tool Available.
  • How to Spot a Good Affiliate Program when you see one…and what to look out for in one you should never join.
  • How to build a network marketing business online…using complete autopilot lead generation systems.
  • 3 Secrets to Using the Phone Effectively…and why ignoring the phone may cost you 50% or more of your business…Hint: It doesn't involve any selling!
  • 3 Techniques to increase sales in any affiliate program…and how doing 1 thing differently can increase profits by 267%.
  • Why Money is Secondary…and why you must put ONE key ahead of everything else in your marketing, or else it's doomed to failure.
  • How to redirect your visitors to affiliate sites (and a simple code is included with instructions to do it for you).
  • How to Write Endorsement Letters for maximum profits…and how to produce incredible order producing credibility by doing one technique.
  • How to select a good network marketing company for online promotion…and how to spot a dinosaur from a mile away.
  • 2 Customer Support Tools that will increase your sales while dropping your expenses by 50%.
  • 2 Simple Ways to Create eBooks…and how to know which one to use for each project.

"It was awesome! I honestly don't know how it could be improved. In truth, it didn't cost me anything. Using the techniques you both suggested, I did a promotion two days after the seminar that netted me 10 TIMES the amount you charged (and my customers got a good deal too).

The single thing that impressed me the most was the honest way you and Terry shared all the little tidbits that make the difference between Internet success and failure. I learned how to do some things right that I didn't even know I was doing wrong.

I can't thank you and Terry enough for your honest disclosure of the techniques that it's taken you years to master. It was the most valuable time I've ever spent to insure my online success!"

Robert Osborn -

Plus, you'll also experience…

  • 3 Techniques for Creating Your own eBooks without doing ANY writing for them at all…and how they can be used to drive your affiliate profits through the roof.
  • How to Create Your own Free Traffic Machine…and the advanced viral marketing method no one is teaching (if you don't know what viral marketing is yet, you will soon).
  • Never Before Revealed Information about the best price points for marketing products online…and what prices you must avoid at all costs.
  • Why you may not want to waste money on a merchant account…and how to take orders online without one.
  • The one mistake 95% of ebook publishers are making…and why it is cutting their profits literally in half.
  • Why the majority of online marketers are working for $5 an hour when they could be making $100 an hour or more by simply changing ONE part of their marketing.
  • How I doubled my online income by simply focusing on a different element of online marketing that everybody else is ignoring.
  • 5 Key Elements allowed me to earn $33,165 in 72 hours…and how you can follow in my footsteps by using each element in your marketing.
  • Quick Start System - How to start from ground zero and start making money in 30 days or less.
  • Income Goals you should make for your first year online…It's next to impossible to succeed without realistic goals and expectations.

This is just the beginning. You'll even learn…

How to Get $1,000,000 Worth of Free Advertising Online

In my business, I spend money on advertising…so I casually asked Frank how much he spent last year. His answer nearly floored me. He didn't spend $1,000. He didn't even spend $500. His total ad budget for the last year was ZERO

He didn't spend a penny on advertising. So during the 8 hours we were on the call Frank explained how he gets all of his ads free…and how anyone could copy his techniques exactly.

In case you're wondering, his free ad techniques don't involve sending out free articles, listing on search engines, publishing press releases, or doing interviews.

He simply commits to doing one very quick and easy step every day to guarantee him to have all the free advertising he'll ever need. Why waste money on advertising?

The 30 people on the call got to hear first hand how he does it…and how you can do it too.

As I said before, this is only the beginning.

You'll get hundreds of proven secrets YOU can instantly use to make money on the Internet... With little or even no cost whatsoever!

"Most people shouldn't get Frank Garon's and Terry Dean's 'Instant Internet Income Streams for Ordinary People.' After all, they'd just listen to the eight tapes and go on with their ordinary lives. They'd never put the ideas to use and they'd waste $197. And, some people might get upset that the entire eight tapes were recorded live from a telephone class. They'll hate the fidelity of a couple sections. The static will bother them.
The only people that should invest the $197 in this course are people that want to know EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step to build their Internet business. They'll love how Frank and Terry share every secret they know, how they built their list, what resources they use, their strategies and EXACTLY how they earn each income stream. These people will get a bargain. They'll put Frank and Terry's course to work and save years off their Internet learning curve and will start making money right away.
I especially enjoyed Frank telling the teleclass EXACTLY how things work in real life.
So, don't waste your time and don't waste your money on e-books and other courses that only tell you WHAT you should do to earn money over the Internet. Anybody can tell you that. Instead, invest $197 and learn exactly HOW to do it. That's they key. This is an awesome set for DOERS."
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter


Here's what is included in…

Instant Internet Income Streams for Ordinary People

First of all, this isn't an ebook, online audio package, or anything which is digitally delivered. These are 8 real 60 minute audio tapes you can play in any audio tape player. You can listen to them in your walkman while you exercise or play them in your car on the way to work.

The manual is a real soft-cover manual printed professionally for each customer. You can mark it up. You can take it with you. You can read it in bed. You don't have to waste your eyesight or printer ribbon trying to use it.

You get the complete minute-by-minute recording and transcript of the entire 8 hour event. You get the training and the question and answer sessions. You get to learn every secret the attendees paid so dearly to be on the call for.

You'll love the way the whole package is laid out for easy use and learning.

Instead of having to trudge through hundreds of pages of boring ebooks & manuals, you can simply pop in a cassette and go.


If You Take Action Immediately, Then You'll
Also Receive These 4 Very Special Bonuses

I'm bending over backwards to make sure you have everything you need to succeed online…And I want you to have a completely Unfair Advantage over every one of your competitors.

Bonus #1 - 20 Minute Consultation Certificate With Frank Garon

Contact Frank Garon and schedule a 20 minute consultation for free on any of your marketing problems. Ask him how to apply his techniques to your business. Find out what you should be doing differently with personal help from an expert. Value - $100

Bonus #2 - Free Email Review from Terry Dean

I will review any one email letter that you send to me for FREE...putting it through my rigorous 5 part checklist test. I will then email you back my opinions in each category and any suggestions I have for you to improve it. Changing one or two words of an ad can equal 1800% in response. Get expert assistance to make sure you make maximum money online.

I now charge $500 an hour for phone consultations. This one is done by email so I can do it at my I'll value it at a discounted $200. Please act quickly as my time is extremely limited. Value - $200

Bonus #3 - Instant Web Site Templates In-A-Box

Yes, you can create your own web site…and these 25 web site templates will get you started quickly. Designing your own web site completely from scratch takes days or even weeks. Use one of these templates and you'll have the design done for you...all you have to do is insert text where told...and publish. They're even created with instructions telling you where to put your headline, benefits, etc. You can call these ready-to-publish web sites for any product or service. Value - $49

Bonus #4 is detailed below…

A Complete, Ready-To-Use eBook Offer

That's right. Along with the 8 tapes and complete transcript manual…plus other bonuses…you'll also receive a complete ready-to-use ebook offer of your own to sale.

This means you are ready to go with a product to sell even if you aren't a member of a single free affiliate program. We'll even tell you on the tapes how to setup and sell this product online without a merchant account…and how you can use it to make more money through affiliate programs than you've ever imagined.

This ebook is called "How to Create Killer Mini-Sites" and is only available for IBM compatible computers (sorry to Macintosh users).

By the way, you're going to be able to sell this ebook for $249.95…Sell just one copy and earn $249.95. Sell 10 copies and you could earn $2499.50.

It's like having a complete business delivered to you on a silver platter.

How much is this event worth to you?

You get two experts, Frank Garon & Terry Dean.

Frank has never shared his secrets to anyone before…ever…and this is the only tape set revealing how an affiliate can earn six figures or more online.

I charge $500 per hour for phone consultations. This conference tape set is 8 hours long...revealing every dirty little secret I know about generating huge wads of cash quickly from Internet businesses.

I'm one of the primary speakers at an upcoming Internet/Information conference where the entry fee to just get in the door is $1497. Add to that the airfare, hotel, and meals at the event...and you'll see the costs are closer to $2,500.

I'll only be sharing for 2 hours at that event...You'll get me for a full 8 hours on this one.

At first thought, we thought about selling the package for $697. It would be worth every penny.

BUT…we wanted to make the whole set affordable to the average beginning Internet marketer and have decided on a price of $397 for the whole kit and caboodle. This is an almost unbelievable price for the secrets revealed on the tapes…and for the ebook you get to sell for $249.95 (and you can sell as many copies of that ebook as you want).

This may still be slightly too much for some people. I know. When I first started online, I only had $200 to spend total. That was it. There was a marketer selling a product for $400 that I desperately wanted and needed.

I asked him if I could pay $200 now and then the rest when I started making a little money. He agreed…and this started my now famous online business.

So, I'm going to do the same for you. You can pay $197 + shipping now…and then the rest once you've earned your first $10,000.

And since I don't personally need your money, instead of paying me the other $200 of your $10,000 profits, I want you to give it to a charity in your town. It can be your church, an animal help center, or any other charity. You must give me your word you'll make this donation...You'll share what has been shared with you.

Terry Dean and Frank Garon lay building your most important Internet Marketing 'money maker' in your hands on a silver platter. 

This is the one tool you can not succeed on the Internet without. Terry and Frank give a detailed plan of action, easy to follow promotional techniques. Get "this information" and and thank these guys. Highest recommendation!

Skip Stewart -

Take action today and you'll get the 8 tape series, transcript manual, bonuses, and an ebook you can sell for more than the price of the entire course package!

Plus, you get my complete…

100% Unconditional Lifetime "10 Times Your
Investment Money-Back" Guarantee

If "Instant Internet Income Streams for Ordinary People" isn't everything you expect it to be…or if you're not absolutely thrilled when you open the box… 

If you are dissatisfied for any reason anytime in the next 30 days, the next 12 months, 10 years from now, whenever… or if you fail to earn at least 10 times your money during the first 12 months that you've had it…then please return it to me…and I'll refund you 100% of the purchase price.

Bottom line, I unconditionally guarantee your complete and total satisfaction for LIFE…No Questions Asked.

So go ahead, and click over to our order form to take action today. You can't lose since I've taken all the risk.

Click Here Now...

Yours in Success,
Terry Dean

P.S. Remember, you get real professional audio tapes and not just low quality online audio. You can take these tapes with you and actually learn while you're not connected to your computer. Please note that these tapes were recorded during a live teleseminar and portions can be a little noisy during the question and answer sessions.

P.P.S. You get an ebook you can sell immediately…which sells for more than the total cost of the package…PLUS you get my unconditional full money back guarantee. If you don't learn brand new information from this course…or you don't earn 10 times your money from it, then you can return it immediately for a full refund…no questions asked.

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