Here's some information about us - so you know who you're doing business with!

Here's me in the old days - driving a truck. In this shot, I am parked out front of our old house, stopping home for a quick lunch. I spent over 15 years driving a truck for a living. 

I spent over $10,000 trying all kinds of different home based businesses. Nothing worked. I actually wound up going bankrupt before things got better.

The good news is...

Once we got exposed to the correct way to do Internet Marketing, things changed fast. I was able to quit my job, and come home to work full time. 

I went from making $14.25 an hour to making over $200,000 a year - not bad for someone who went broke at one point. In fact - I moved to a brand new house in the mountains of Pennsylvania in December of 2000.

Here is the house under construction in the Fall of 2000.

Now, let me say this - after going thru all I did, I'm the last person in the world who is going to try to rip you off, or give you bad advice.

I am an average person who figured out all this crazy Internet stuff - and I am very happy to share what I know with you. You won't get hype or a big sales pitch. So if you are serious about having someone help you, we need to talk!

And I mean talk - I am here to give you personalized service - not send you out a bunch of "generic" e mails. We are both going to have to be honest and up front with each other if I am to help you. Be prepared to talk to me on the phone - in most cases it really helps.

Here's my 20 year old Daughter, Sarah Beth. She's a Sophomore at University Of Florida, and a Straight-A student!

Here's my son, Frankie. He's 5 going on 40, lol...

Here's me in London, England. I'm about to get on the train (I love trains) and go to Brussels, Belgium

Here I am with my girlfriend Catherine and the antique bus I own. It's a 1973 GMC, I used to ride on these all the time as a kid and always wanted to drive one. It's a very cool toy to play with : - )))

My other baby - my 2004 Dodge Dakota!

Lecturing in front of a live audience at one of our "How-To" Workshops we put on over in England this year...

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